Anthropomorphism or what?

So I’ve just made a bandana for Dido. I don’t think she’s too amused, but I can’t be certain because like me, she is camera shy. Whenever I see dogs wearing them I think they are cute and finally I got round to it, guess what? the fabric is leftover from a top that I made for myself!


Does anyone else’s dog have a bandana? Diamond studded collar? Raincoat? Or do you think they look ridiculous? Answers on a postcard please 🙂


Travel Theme: Couples

Ailsa at has couples as her theme this week. She has some great shots on her site – especially the parrots. Visit and join in! Here are three of mine. 

Colyford Musicians

Winchester chicks

Nina and Steve with Dido and Daisy at Hound Tor!


Music in Pictures Contest: A Whole New World

Elisa at Autumn in Bruges has chosen a sloppy song this week! Pop across to see the video from Aladdin and maybe join in with the challenge! I’ve chosen the fur babies because  they  are off on an adventure, desperate to chase rabbits in the New Forest, a whole new world for them, with lots of scents driving them crazy.


January Small Stones # 16

8am and the tiniest twinkle toed puppy is trotting along with its mummy. It’s probably a Christmas puppy on one of its very first walks and yet it is doing so well on its lead. I remember when Dido and Daisy were that size and their pads were as soft as velvet. They were summer puppies so didn’t have to put their tender paws on ground as cold as today.

This is D ‘n’D when they were that size, adorable aren’t they? This was their first walk on the beach and they were very excited but a little overwhelmed. I hope this mornings  little one soon went home for brekkie and a warm up.

Teignmouth, My Last day Off

It’s been a lovely Christmas and although I was back at work for one day last Friday, the New Year bank holiday has made it seem like a long break. I’ve had some nice days out and good walks to try to get rid of some of the excesses! This afternoon I went to Teignmouth, 12 miles down the coast, a seaside town as you can guess on the estuary. It’s busy in summer but I thought it would be quiet today. Wrong! it was actually full of life even though it had been showery. I guess everyone else was making the most of their last day too and the sun did us proud for the second day of 2012.