100 Word Challenge for grown Ups Week #33


This week’s prompt from Julia is an image of one of the wonderful sculptures at the Eden Project, a Heather Jansch horse.

Apparently no-one will ‘get’ my flash this week but I’ve been dared to post it anyway!

Eden Horse

My back’s numb thank God, but I’m worried my arm’s so blue. There’s some light coming in the window, so someone’s gonna come soon. Then I’ll know my fate. I spect I’ll be out of a job. I’ve heard it’s worth thirty thousand pounds. Can’t see it myself. I was dusting see. I wondered how it stayed in one piece, so I crouched down to look for some screws. Just a tiny tug and I found out there aren’t many. It creaked, and slipped an bit, so I held it still else it’d collapse. I’ve been holding it all night.

46 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for grown Ups Week #33

  1. Is that a driftwood horse? I think I’ve seen photos of them somewhere else. Also, just wanted to say, I hope someone has come to your rescue by now, perhaps with some screws? LOL .

  2. You have such a creative mind, this is exceptional! I understood it perfectly – I just hope someone comes before his blue arm turns purple!

  3. Ha-ha, this made me chuckle. Of course we get it, very amusing interpretation of the prompt!

  4. Gilly – I love that! It’s so well written, and says just enough.
    Great opening line too.
    (I shall certainly think twice before letting you loose with a duster anywhere!)
    (But on second thoughts, that is some commitment, to sit and hold it all night!!)

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