A Mystery Orchid, Any Answers Please?

My friend has this most beautiful fragrant orchid. Most years it flowers abundantly and has a wonderful scent that fills the house when the suns warms it. It lives very happily in the conservatory, has densely packed stems and is about two feet wide and nearly as tall! It was given to her by a South African woman many ย years ago. I know there are some orchid experts following me, can any of you name it?

19 thoughts on “A Mystery Orchid, Any Answers Please?

  1. Looks like Sonel has the answer Gilly. I hadn’t got a clue. If you love orchids come to the Dordogne. We have many many different wild orchids in this area and there are organised orchid walks. Lots of purple ones growing on the bank behind the house.

  2. OMG … I wrote you a very long description and it went into cyberspace. I would write it again but, at the moment, I am experiencing flames from the top of my head. Don’t want to burn your blog. I will attempt to write it again tomorrow. That is what I get for blogging while tired.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ : – (

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