Lucid Gypsy is having a frustrating time

I don’t often swear but tonight . . . the air was blue. This week at work has been horrid, the third in a row and I’m fed up with being treated badly.
Last night I was supposed to be going out with friends, my turn to drive. I set off in heavy rain, to pick up friend number one about three miles away, but pretty soon turned back because I was aquaplaning, and the fifteen mile drive to friend number two would have involved three miles of winding, potholed, single track lane with high hedges, ditches on the sides and pitch darkness. Result, beans on toast and an early night instead of a nice pub dinner and a good belly laugh.
So today I arrive home from work with the beginnings of a bug that’s going around the office – people bring their germs to work these days to share, because if you go sick you have to face a ‘return to work interview’. If you are sick too often you get monitored and then sent to occupational health. Luckily, in the three plus years I’ve been there I’ve only clocked up two sick days.
I thought I’d sit with a cup of tea; check my email and WordPress reader to shake off the stress.
Of course the broadband didn’t work! I checked the connections, nothing happened. I reset the router, nothing happened. I turned it all off and back on again, nothing happened. I thought perhaps the same bad weather that stopped play last night may be causing the problem so l left it, cooked dinner, watched some TV and then tried again. And again, then I started swearing.
Eventually I called the broadband provider, was in a queue for twenty five minutes, and then I got cut off. I dialled again and after eighteen minutes I finally spoke to a girly that had me jumping through hoops, giving her an endless stream of passwords, mother’s maiden name and the date of birth of the cocker spaniel that belonged to my second cousin when she was five.
Next I had to unplug, re-plug, unscrew parts of sockets and rummage through drawers to find spare white plastic thingy’s that came with the original package four years ago. None of it worked and she told me she would have to get an engineer to call back and asked what time on Saturday would be best. Saturday, that’s not tomorrow, I squealed, how on earth could I manage until then? I could tell that she felt sorry for me but there was nothing she could do so I said goodbye with the thought that perhaps the time had come to check out some other providers.
While watching TV I had the company of a certain Border Terrorist, Dido, curled up beside me demanding that I gave her a tummy rub and giving me a look of disgust every time I paused for a second. This same fur baby has a wicker toy box below the shelf with the router. She gets frustrated when she can’t find her favourite toy of the day and chews on whatever she can find instead.

It wasn't me!

Have you guessed yet?
It’s laugh or cry time!

34 thoughts on “Lucid Gypsy is having a frustrating time

  1. uh, oh, i think somebody is in deep, deep trouble. it really looks like she is very sorry for all the troubles…sorry to hear and hopefully it starts getting better soon. 🙂

  2. Oh dear Gilly…what a time you have had of it. Dido looks soooo innocent. I hope you got the wiring fixed you poor thing. Chevvy, Charlie , Jack and Crash all send their love…and ask that you remember Dido is just doing what comes naturally…being a pain. Hehehehehehehe

  3. She is gorgeous. Haven’t you realized she felt your frustrations and came to calm you down by asking for a rub? My cat seems to know when to demand my attention and after a while I realized she made a pest of herself when I was on the verge of choking on blue smoke. 😀 Yes? Maybe?

  4. Wow, what a horrid day, Gilly! How could it possibly have been any worse? I hope you can look back on it now and laugh. I know I laughed out loud at this: “I finally spoke to a girly that had me jumping through hoops, giving her an endless stream of passwords, mother’s maiden name and the date of birth of the cocker spaniel that belonged to my second cousin when she was five.” You are hilarious!! 🙂

  5. What a frustrating time you’re having, Gilly. Maybe it’s time to move Dido’s toy basket further away from the router,. I don’t think she looks angelic at all. 🙂

  6. Why is it whenever we have a bad day it also seems to be raining? I hope things are looking up for you now and getting better. Such a shame your work is so hard nose with sick time. I guess too many people abuse the system and then the people who are legit have to suffer. We have to have a doctor’s note if off more than 1 day… so sometimes we also go in sick to avoid the hassle of going to the doctor, waiting and PAYING for the bloody note. Guess that is their way of keeping people to take too many days.
    Willow loves to chew wires too — nothing that extreme yet, but almost everything has little teeth marks on it.

  7. Much easier to forgive a Border terrier than an Internet provider!
    Although employers often see OH as a stick to beat the employee, it is there to help and can make constructive suggestions. I have two friend who work in OH who are horrified at being seen as a punitive role.

  8. Hope you are feeling better my friend. That is a series of “bad days” as my son calls it. I got sick last week too and had to take steroids and antibiotic. It helped. I’m off this weekend for much needed rest. Wishing you a great weekend with lots of rest and awesome company.

  9. Oh, Gilly, it sounds like you’re into this “negative warp” from which I hope that soon enough you’ll be out of. As for the little “innocent” face, well, these creatures have a way of making us smile …after the storm subsides that is! 🙂

  10. So frustrating. I had so many days like this. Finally changed the provider in June and have gone from strength to strength. Such a relief. Sorry I’ve not been around. I’m trying to do better, nearly there….. Hope things improve after the visit on Saturday.

  11. hahahahaha! you know what they say….”don’t let the terrorists win!” hahahaha in your case, the terrorist is so adorable though, you just might need to surrender! hahahahaha! Great post, but I’m so sorry you had a crap week of it!

  12. Gremlins! Ow, Gilly. Maybe you can put on TV sitcom or take care of a baby. That might make you feel better. 😀 I’m pretty sure a turn around will come. Just breathe in and out. Wake up and think that your day will be better than that day.

  13. That sounds terrible indeed Gilly and I do hope today and tomorrow and all the other days will be much better. Luckily Dido was there and luckily it was her and not another problem re the router. :lol:. She is just adorable! Here our power went on and off for the last 3 days, then there’s not water, etc. etc. You have a great day now and big hugs and kisses to Dido from me and Simba. xxx

  14. Wow, I missed this the day you posted it. I’m only getting back to being able to visit and read my favorite bloggers this past few days. I’ve definitely had days like the ones you’ve described, and most of the time I choose one of three cures. I curl up on the couch with my blankie and sleep there all night – even in my clothes —– or I find a book that will totally transport me to another world, and don’t put it down for anything — including the phone —– or I dig into a huge bag of chocolate.
    And sometimes I do all three the same evening!
    Hope you get a turnaround soon.

  15. I just got to this post Gilly, having arrived home an hour ago … it makes me laugh, all those troubles and hoops we go through , just to find a cord is chewed, or dislodged … it happens to us with our new modem so now we know to check it before panicking! The choice is laugh or cry … and after such a disappointing day you would be forgiven for a few tears 🙂

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