20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. It is lovely Gilly. What happened to your blog ? Up until today when I looked at it in the reader I could scroll through the post. Now I have to go to the blog !

    1. I don’t know honey, but ever since they changed the way reader shows most of a post – if its brief, stats are a lot lower. I’m not really about stats but wonder if its because of that or just me. Strange when followers go up that visits should be down.

      1. I have given up looking at stats. I noticed when I had an independent type of reader on the site that there was such a difference in how stats are read. I am more interested in the discussions that occur and people commenting than anything else. I did like the way the reader can make it easier to keep up with other blogs by just scrolling through…this from someone who hates change is a big admission…hehehehe

    1. I wish! No I’ve never tried ceramics, it was in my favourite gallery. There was a really big one as well, the one in my photo had an amazing shine that my mobile didn’t capture. Google Gloss Exeter you may find out more. πŸ™‚

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