Burnt and broken

There can be few things worse than having a fire in your home.  Knowing, maybe watching  while your possessions go up in flames, your lifetimes collections of treasures, unique things that only have meaning to you or your family. Realising months after that you lost your favourite book, the dress you wore when you were three, perhaps photos of your first day at school.

A few weeks ago I heard that there had been a fire in a house I often walk past. No one was hurt but there can be no doubt that things were lost that cannot be replaced.

Charred but still with hope
your once beautiful home
my heart hurts for you
I hope you’re not alone
Buildings can be repaired
clothes and furniture replaced
but what of your treasures
there must be more than a few
books, favourite toys, comfy shoes
your Christmas card list
spare spectacles, granny’s ornament
a little boys first tooth
that fell out when he was six
just a memory now
my heart hurts for you
home broken I hope soon fixed

This weeks photo challenge is broken.

22 thoughts on “Burnt and broken

  1. Your empathy shines through this post, and the detailed list of things missed is so evocative. It makes me think twice about an occasional fantasy of losing everything and being purged: proximity to bushfires makes this a remotely possible scenario.

  2. Reflecting on the devastation of a house fire brought to
    Life through your post. Beyond broken. Excellent for the challenge.

  3. this is so kind and thoughtful of you, to put yourself in their place and to create a message expressing it all. hugs to them – beth

  4. A poignant post. Makes you ask that old question, given that family and pets are safe what is the one thing you would rescue from a fire?

    1. I have lots of photos from when my children were little scanned and on computers but my daughter also has them, so maybe things like kids school reports and my own certificates – but then I wouldn’t be able to find them. What would you choose?

      1. My mother’s silver tea-pot. I must get some of my old photos scanned – I have done a lot of my parents black and white ones, but not any of my own. Another task on the list…

  5. Eeek! What a devastating thought from a devastation. With my kind of job, I’ve learnt to be okay with letting go of so so so many things, and that includes life mementoes. Thanks for the internet? *wink*

      1. I have the photos on external drives, but they are also in the house!!!! Cloud storage would be good but I have so many it would probably need a lot of space… Do you use cloud?

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