Six Word Saturday

Feeling grotty but the Santa’s help



20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. I have had a few days sneezing! But sounds as though you are having it worse 😦
    Hope you feel better soon, it is a miserable time to be ill. You going to family Gilly? Or are they coming to you? Whatever, whereaver I wish you a lovely time and a peaceful, healthy (!) and happy new year. xx

    1. Oh I hope you get shot of it quickly, mine’s tummy not nose! I’m going west on Sunday. And you, seeing your daughter and the baby?
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that 2016 is THE YEAR, and then we’ll get to meet up won’t we? x 🙂 x

      1. We are going east 🙂
        Daughter and 3 grandkids first, then Son and grandbaby – we hope to have some time in Glastonbury on the way home, if the weather cooperates. Unfortunately can’t quite make it east enough to see the Aussies! And yes, definitely. I am looking forward to you showing me Dartington!

  2. Get well quickly Gilly, you don’t want to miss out on all the Christmas goodies… Santa looks so happy with his reindeer buddy. Have a happy and healthy one, best wishes from the other side of the world xxx

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