Raising Daughters

My daughter’s partner Steve, who calls me his Monster-in-law, wrote this on FB last night and it really touched my heart. It’s so very special, that I thought I’d share it with you my friends. Perhaps you know someone who could do with reading it too. Scarlett will be three in July, Layla is seventeen months.

IMG_3436 (2)So this evening I had a wedding meeting in Gosport, which means that I had to leave the house before putting Scarlet to bed.
I got home at 8pm and Scarlett was still awake (her normal bedtime is 6.30-7pm), So after a brief cuddle I took her to bed.

In the forefront of my mind was how much I needed to do tonight; I shot a wedding on the weekend so I had to download the cards, social media advertising, admin, printing… Nina and I hadn’t eaten so dinner needed cooking and Nina also had a lot of work to do and some business bits she wanted me to help her with.

Due to this, Scarlett only got one story rather than the usual two or three, and the bedtime routine which is one of our special times together, was cut very short. Scarlett got up twice, and I put her back to bed without the usual fun and games.

Then I heard her sobbing.

I went into her room and attempted to quickly settle her, but she opened her arms and pulled me in for a cuddle and whispered ‘Don’t leave me Daddy, I love you’.

Somehow I had allowed myself to put all those other things ahead of the most important people in my life. Yes we all let the world get on top of us, work is demanding, we wish for more hours in the day, we try to save time where we can to try and complete those oh so important tasks and little jobs. But Scarlett and Layla just want to be loved, not rushed.

For those few seconds, I was the most important person in Scarlett’s world, and all she wanted was a cuddle.

Right now I’m holding my Daughter, everything else can wait.


22 thoughts on “Raising Daughters

  1. Steve sounds a mega nurturing parent. Bravo. A touching story and close to my heart.
    When my daughter was growing up, I’d rush bedtime and all of the above because I had catching up to do etc. etc. after working all day. My daughter explained how alone she felt (only child) and it broke my heart. As a single parent, my hands were kind of tied. We MUST live in the moment for the little ones. Too late I know how important this is to them. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. …everything else can wait, beautifully said. Steven is a loving Dad, Scarlett and Layla are lucky girls!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Gilly!

  3. Oh and quick story – in the 90s I worked part time and went in 2 hrs early on Saturdays – my son was clingy and super sad as I was going – I parted ways o head off to work because working part time was good for both of us – but I went back in the house – dropped my stuff and told him I was all his….
    And that did not happen too many times – but I still believe I built into some tender parts of his soul (and attachment) he is not in college and all that – but life moves so fast and how cool when parents are mindful of the little nurtures that are potent nurtures overall!

  4. Oh, sweetheart! 🙂 🙂 🙂 If only all parents could think like this, how many happy kids would there be in the world! They are adorable 🙂 Hugs to you for sharing, lovely!

  5. Those are such loving thoughts that have come straight from the heart and need to be shared. The love between the sisters shines through your photo Gilly

  6. he’s definitely wrapped around her little finger – a real daddy’s girl. I was a single parent for most of my kids’ lives and sorely regret that my daughter missed out on that very special relationship. You’ve got a good ‘un there Gilly.

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