Awards, poetry and Blogging Addiction

Yesterday I received a nomination for the Leibster Award, from my dear blogging sister Meg. It’s my first award for some time, and I remember in Lucid Gypsy’s early days, seeing awards flying back and forth and wondering if I’d ever receive one. One they began, they came thick and fast. Flattered, I accepted and shared the love, until I realised that I was spending way too much time on them and decided I wouldn’t take part anymore. Awards seemed to peter out a little anyway.

The Leibster was one of the first that I received, but when I saw Meg’s post I decided that I would take part, simply because it was Meg! Then, I remembered that I haven’t posted for three days, have lots of photos and things I want to share as it is, how on earth could I fit anything else in?

Time. My nemesis and many other peoples. Of the 168 hours in a week, I spend 43 walking to work, being there and walking home again. I spend 56 attempting to sleep (and usually achieving about 42). Probably 26 hours are taken up with cooking, housework, grocery shopping, and self-care. I might watch TV for 3 hours a week, 5 hours a week might be social times, 10 if I have a day out! That still seems to leave 4 hours a day to be too exhausted to move uh, have fun, be creative, walk the dogs.

Write. That’s the one. That’s the reason I began blogging, at the end of a three-year period of study, that was undertaken to improve my creative writing skills.  Twice a month I go to my writing group and sometimes share some work, but I actually write very little these days. I’m one of those people who is too interested in too many things. I want to learn everything, read everything, experience everything, from block printing to training ants, and talk to everyone I encounter.

My writing blog isn’t, it’s a photography blog.  Lured in by the Weekly Photo Challenge and similar, I get to indulge another of my passions. Sharing photos is far quicker and easier than writing and I’m kind of cataloguing some of my life, that’s how I justify it to myself. But the reality is, like Meg, I’m addicted to blogging, both posting and visiting my blogging friends around the world. Some of you are very special, you know who you are and you’re the other half of what fuels my addiction.

I’d like to be able to say I’m going to change, that this will become a writing blog, but I’d be kidding myself. So dear Meg, thank you for choosing me for the award, but I’m declining. Instead I’m going to schedule my weekly events and of course I’m going to write, perhaps, maybe, sometime. Meanwhile, I went hunting for my Leibster Award and instead I found this poem from 2011, and thought I’d share again.

By Train Through Somerset

Country gulls flushed by the 10.53

arrow  from fields with frosty periphery

like yuletide tinsel under threadbare trees


lamb filled ewes  felted and jacketed

join blanketed ponies to nibble on nothing

awaiting a ride or a jar of mint sauce


depart the Levels undulating uphill

where railway huts stand derelict lonesome

the sizzle of pylons shoot towards ozone


old man’s beard helplessly clings to dense hide

of hedge where Roe stags lurk in dank

acres furrowed and ready  for spring


spires crack the  mist near burst  banks

where Saturday shoals of angling young men

stand fishing

and wishing



18 thoughts on “Awards, poetry and Blogging Addiction

  1. Haha! I agree with you in so many ways, Gilly! I started my blog to share writing, which I now do very little of, find myself with very little useable time in a day, find photography easier than writing and am addicted to blogging…visiting my blogging friends and posting 😀

  2. Oh, yes, I am in total agreement and I don’t even have the excuse of working! Where do all the hours go to? I know. Visiting blogs and commenting. I really do need to get a life. What’s that? Oh, this IS my life… have a great Sunday Gilly – very wet here today so I am going to read a book for a change from weeding the garden 😉

    (PS Love the poem ❤ . I used to write poems once. Not as good as this though.)

    1. Thanks honey, I don’t believe your poems weren’t as good as my feeble efforts, you do everything well and now I expect to read some please! Thanks for speeding up the usual Cornish habit of sending the rain east to Devon, it’s here now, just when I wanted to dry my washing. Have a nice, relaxed reading day!

  3. Smiling 🙂 🙂 Well, the poetry hasn’t deserted you, Gilly, and you’re the only one of us kind enough to make a proper response to Meg. (we exchanged emails and commiserations 🙂 ). I do like the felted and jacketed ewes.
    Sundays are one of my hectic days so I a snatch a word here and there, and try to make time to write my Monday walk. I am lost in admiration for you.

  4. Beautiful writing, Gilly. 🙂
    So much time we spend on blogging and posting while working full time, cooking, etc., I wonder about the whys. I guess it’s the connectivity, learning, sharing… keep me going.

  5. Love your poem, Gilly. I don’t know how you find time to blog and go out to work. I do love visiting you, though, and your haiku combined with beautiful photos are marvellous. 🙂

  6. This doesn’t feel like declining, my dear friend. Thank you for this post! You are completely gracious.

    There are treasures aplenty in here. Training ants? A manner of speaking??? Seems a lot of us intended to write and the camera mounted a guerilla campaign to distract us. I’m particularly sad that you aren’t writing more when I read that lovely poem, every stanza a verbal and imagistic delight and not a wasted word. You even end it beautifully, and that is not an easy thing to do.

  7. Hello, my name is Isadora and I am addicted to blogging. LOLOL
    I think most of us are addicted in some way. I find myself looking at life
    as another blog story. The problem is that there are so many stories to pen
    that I don’t seem to be able to get them all done. So, in conclusion, you will be
    seeing me around here for quite some time. Happy Sunday …. 😀
    Issy 😎

  8. Love your descriptive words. I am enjoying each new thing you post. Sometimes declining is what you need to do and you are ever so gracious. I love that you are in another part of Britain from some of the bloggers I follow so I will learn now about where you live. Thank You! 🙂

  9. I’m a little dried up, I do a lot of writing myself, but rarely post on my site.. I find people prefer photo posts. But at the moment I am finishing off Campnano with my crime fiction story. Then maybe start blogging a bit more. I do enjoy visiting others though and your is one of my fave’s keep it up Gilly.

  10. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I have to FORCE myself to write instead of doing photos and graphics. I love to write, so why is it such a heavy chore at times? Don’t know the answer to that one. Maybe I should write about it.

  11. What a great post! Just love the poem .. My blog started out as a gardening one hoping that I might be able to give people tips and invite them into my garden. Plus although not trained, I adore writing .. But things change don’t they 😃 I just love photography. And much can be shared with images .. I’m addicted too! Time, wish there was more of it. Btw, I so enjoy your blog 😃

  12. Boy, do you have a schedule! 🙂 Balance, isn’t it? It answers to everything.
    I’d like to say that I’m keeping things in check these days. I’m actually behind my blogging, not really commenting back to my commentators – I need to do that. I like to say that my blog has been steady, and I don’t often steer from my blogging pattern. Because the way I blog is the way I want to remember memories, and also an outlet for creativity.
    I’ve been on and off blogging, and It’s good to hiatus or break from blogging. I can’t ever turn off blogging completely. Just like you and me, blogging is amazing in that it brings friendship together without even having met each other personally.

  13. You keep yourself busy and that’s what matters. I remember reading your articles before and I enjoy your writing though I am very often very busy to read anything but work, which is why I turned to photography instead. Thank you for sharing parts of you Meg be it through images or writing. Whichever the way, I feel privileged to know you a bit.

  14. Even in retirement I’m finding I need MORE time to do what I want and need. I can’t understand how one day melts into another and then a week has passed already. A year. I’m grateful for my blogging friends who hang in there with me as I try and make sense of my world.

  15. I remember those years well. There were all manner of awards flying about until it got so out of hand that no one wanted them and then …. they disappeared. 🙂 I’m becoming very possessive with my time so I can relate.

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