Camera dabbling

This time last year I was about to go on holiday to Barcelona. My Canon dslr and accoutrements had been weighing heavily for some time and I found I was leaving it at home more and more. Should I take it, or make do with my phone and a tiny compact?
Of course I started browsing for possibilities online and then went to town. The camera shop had a very good offer on an Olympus with two lenses, a camera that I knew took good photos, because a certain blogging friend has one. It was love at first sight and I wasn’t going home without it. With no time to get used to it, I left it on auto settings, with a bit of fun playing with the special effects on offer and the press of a button.
Since then life has been chaotic one way or the other, I still haven’t learnt how to use it and I’m going away soon. Never mind!
Today I was inspired by Sue, who creates stunning still life images and loves a bit of decay. So I gathered a few bits together and just tried a few of the automatic creative settings the camera has.
The first photo is just the normal auto setting, a bit dull?

Next a slideshow of various scene settings, a couple of which I like. If I hadn’t used the camera to get these effects, I might have tried some post processing, but that would be more time comsuming. What do you think, are both methods cheating? Is there an image that you like best?

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21 thoughts on “Camera dabbling

  1. I guess I’ll wait for Sue’s opinion, Gilly. She’s watching a Webinair. 🙂 🙂 I did a similar thing with my six words images but I used the auto process on my laptop. It has limits but sometimes it can elevate an image. Sunday hugs, darlin! Time to get the guidebooks out? You’ll be spoilt for choice
    when you get there. Envying you Sienna, already 🙂

    1. I’ve had them out for weeks, can’t resist investigating. Got tickets for the Uffizzi, probably won’t go to the Academia. Will go to the Duoma and Santa Maria Novella which is the local, also the market. Didn’t you go to Sienna then? Did you get the train from Pisa to Florence? Was there anywhere you went that was a waste of time? Or anywhere that you’d really recommend?
      It’s been raining here all day so I didn’t take the puppies out until half six, they were climbing the walls, I’ll be glad to go to work tomorrow! Have a lovely week honey, hugs Gx

      1. I didn’t do the Academia either. Absolutely loved Palazzo Vecchio and the Boboli/Giardini gardens behind the Pitti Palace. You might find the gardens too much walking. Didn’t do Sienna because we went to Pisa (on the train) and Lucca on the same day. I loved Lucca, Gilly. It has such atmosphere, and those incredible walls. You can’t do everything but you have a little more time than me. Wishing I could fit in a back pocket. 🙂 🙂 Hugs, sweetheart!

  2. OK, here goes…. in the end, it’s all about the light… Your light was coming in from the side, perhaps you could have angled the box slightly. Then rearranged the flotsam to fill the large white expanse on the left hand side….to balance the image more….. the light is great for bringing out texture

    1. That makes sense, thanks! The trouble with me is I’m always in too much hurry. Ideally i would have set it up in the conservatory, the light there is good on a dull day. Unfortunately the puppies were asleep in there, and that was the only reason I had a few minutes to get the camera out 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Nothing’s cheating. It’s artistry! So those dogs are controlling your every move. Not at all surprised. I’m glad you had respite for this post. Are they travelling with you??? As for my favourite? No techno-knowledge at all. I opt for the b&w faded after the apricot one

  4. A new toy, congratulations Gilly! Looks like it won’t take long for you to adjust it. I feel the same, my camera and lenses are getting heavier…

  5. Really must play more with my camera . . but never seem to find the time to dabble. Your post has inspired me to do better – might just have to wait until October though!!!!!

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