Windows on the Boat Float

Dartmouth has an inner harbour, known locally as the Boat Float. It’s a listed building, dating from around 1600, as enclosed moorings. There are many windows, each interesting in their own way, that offer stunning views over the Boat Float and the river Dart.

Michelle at the Daily Post shares a photo of a harbour through a window in Brindisi, have a look and maybe share one of your own.


15 thoughts on “Windows on the Boat Float

    1. The building (York House) is also listed (1893) and is even prettier on the other side with more decorative elements. I took a photo of it on my visit to Dartmouth in April, but I didn’t know about the Boat Float!

  1. I have never heard of a harbour / quay being registered as a listed building before! At first I thought you were referring to that lovely B&W building in the background until I looked it up. Now I realise that you are talking about all the windows in all those buildings which overlook this historic enclosed mooring, known as the Boat Float. Clever! And yes, how did you manage to get those bits of colour in your image?

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