Autumn Phoetry


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An Autumn Lament

my sulky boots trample the leaves at my feet

earthy notes playing a dissonant tune

pale fungi emerge through clovery grass

tempting souls to dark hallucinations

more potent than winter’s strangling chill

horse chestnut’s late beauty twirls in my vision

with origami-like folds in ochre, and gold,

their song a crisp tinkle in the breeze.

over and over I must bring myself back so

 I raise my head to the beauty of autumn,

up under a bright cloudless sky

where wings dip and dive as if free to play

 at once preferable to a descending gloom

and so I resist the maybe mushrooms


15 thoughts on “Autumn Phoetry

  1. Stay with the origami leaves (such a beautiful image) and leave the maybe mushrooms for the pixies!!
    Sounds like you are revelling in Autumn….my favourite season

  2. I always relish your poems, my dear sulky boots. You have such a knack with unexpected word combinations that say far more than two words have any right to: things like “dark hallucinations” and “crisp tinkle” and “maybe mushrooms”. There are also really great images: “origami leaves” and “winter’s strangling chill”. You capture northern hemisphere ambivalence about autumn beautifully. More please!!

  3. Wow Gilly so evocotive of your northern autumn. I do miss autumn and your words brought that beautiful season to me over here in hot and humid Australia.

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