Ludwell Valley Park

I’m trying this out, will a panoramic i phone photo be big enough on my page?IMG_8007_edited-1

My distance vision isn’t brilliant, but looking north west, beyond the housing, I could see the Cathedral, University and the hospital.

Anyway two little dogs were very happy today running around and rolling in fox poo!


23 thoughts on “Ludwell Valley Park

  1. Oh, no! Fox poo. So very smelly. But what a dog’s delight – that and dead seagull, the bad smell of choice of one of our family dogs. Lovely view and day by the look of it.

  2. A great sense of your space, and your two happy puppies enjoying it – with a bench nearby for me! Panoramas is a great format for showing scope and expanse, and this one blows up nicely for more detailed scrutiny. Iā€™m just about ready to post a couple for totally other reasons. May a lovely week be yours, with many signs of spring.

      1. I once had a camera that took panoramic shots, cheaper to take the whole film that way so I had a fair few. Some printed fine, others not so good. I think it depends on the subject matter. Landscapes from above worked well.

  3. I’m looking at it on the PC and not able to see much detail, but seeing Meg’s comment above I will have another look on the Ipad. Poo, I think you will need to give your darling dogs a bath….

    1. They’re lovely, quite big now especially George. Always eating things they shouldn’t and getting tummy troubles.
      We’re expecting snow today so I’m taking my walking boots to work just in case! I don’t like it Jo I want to hibernate šŸ˜¦

      1. The bubble burst today! Happy wet Wednesday, Gilly šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Looks like rain for a week. And unfortunately rain and Spain aren’t doing much better. Hope Mick likes Jerez in the rain. It’s only weather, isn’t it? Still got my flamenco and my dancing horses to watch. Wish me luck! Soon be Spring, darlin šŸ™‚

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