Ngozi Sews, how green is my daughter?

You may have seen the odd photo of my daughter, and more likely her small people, my two youngest G-babies. Today I thought I’d let Nina introduce herself and her working world.

Hi! I’m Nina, the brains and brawn behind Ngozi Sews. I’m 38 (for a teeny bit longer) and live in my lovely home in a village in Hampshire with my partner Steve and our two young girls.
I’m Devon born and bred, which you’ll discover after a cider or two, when my accent comes out to play!
I started sewing reusables over three years ago. Ngozi Sews was born out of a desire to save the world, whilst staying at home with my babies for as long as possible.
I love colour, comfort, chocolate and Cherry Pepsi Max. I hate selfies and peanuts.

Here are some of the things I make.
Superscrubby Dishcloths and Unsponges are a perfect way to remove non-recyclable plastics from your kitchen and you can now mix and match the different products!

Every disposable sanitary pad ever made still exists in some form, and will continue to do so for hundreds of years.
How many have you used in your lifetime?
Make reusable your thing, and consider cloth menstrual pads for your cycle.

Thanks to my lovely customers for supporting me and for helping to save the world!

So that’s my lovely daughter, changing the world one pad at a time!


20 thoughts on “Ngozi Sews, how green is my daughter?

  1. Nice meeting you, Nina! πŸ™‚ Thank you for reminding us β€œmake reusable your thing… β€œ These are great ideas and so beautifully made. πŸ’–πŸ’—

      1. Hello it’s me again! Has Nina stopped making these? Just thought I’d order a few for this Christmas and the website doesn’t seem to be up and running anymore. Wanted to check before I tried another maker.

      2. Don’t think she does many, check at and thanks for thinking of her she’d love to hear from you and if she doesn’t have any she will know the next best. How are you, been house hunting yet? Gxx

  2. We are in great need of saving our environment. Your daughter, Ngozi, is taking those steps. Bravo for her. Her creativity has deep roots from your creativity, Gilly. AND … such a beautiful woman.
    I can feel that you’re very proud.
    Izzy 😎

  3. Hello Nina. You’re definitely a chip off the young block! So lovely to meet you and to see your creativity – an inheritance from Gilly? – so beautifully and usefully expressed. How I wish I’d had your pads when I was in need of them. They celebrate the bleeding with their colour and design. There was nothing celebratory in what was available to me a lifetime ago!

    There are however a few things I can’t agree with you on: I love peanuts and I don’t think I could come at Cherry Pepsi Max!

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