WordPress problems

Is anyone else having problems with WordPress? I have to jump through hoops to log in and see my own dashboard and I can’t open my reader at all on my laptop. I’m out of time now, but I’ve discovered that I can get to my reader on my tablet. Hopefully I’ll still be able to tomorrow.  My laptop is getting a bit old and slow, but I’m stalling replacing it because of the work that will involve.

Arrggh, I am not a happy G!

Off to edit a travel piece for writing group tomorrow. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.


12 thoughts on “WordPress problems

  1. Not having any problems today…thus far. I do know that sometimes others have said they do but I will hope luck is on my side. Hope it is resolved for you. Have a good day!

  2. I haven’t been experiencing those problems, but, of course, WordPress is already on my “Not Happy With You” list for so many other reasons. One of those reasons is that we went from a state of have only one add at the bottom of our pages — and we didn’t see them if we were logged in — to having three or four ads all over the place — including a drop-down add that shows up whenever it wants to and pushes my page down lower. They also offer fewer free themes now, and continually send e-mails trying to get me to “upgrade” and pay. But if I want to pay for a site, I’ll use Go Daddy. I already use them for a business site.They are much less expensive and offer full-time technical help by phone. They are super easy to work with, and super helpful. Moreover, they don’t require me to let them renew my site and take the money from my bank account automatically. I hope the problems you’re experiencing are only temporary and get worked out soon. I know it’s very frustrating.

    1. I agree with you about the ads! And often when I am logged in (I can edit my own sites) WP seems to think I am not when it comes to commenting. I find refreshing the page often works, but it is annoying.

  3. Are you using a Mac computer? If so, go to Safari (or whatever browser you are using), under the Safari tab, go to Preferences, then Privacy and unclick the box that says “prevent cross-site tracking”. That should take care of your problem.

  4. No my problem is that I have not been logging in and so have forgotten yet again the password!! Hope things have improved for you xx

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