From Berry to Jelly

Jen H has chosen transition for this weeks photo challenge, and invites us to show and image or series. This is quite a tough one to be original with at least. I hope that you think my choice demonstrates transition.

There was an abundance of fruit this year, both cultivated and wild and home made jam and jelly is way better than mass produced.

The crab apple treeĀ gave generously.

crab apples

One day went to buy some jam jars at Lakeland and got chatting to the lady there, she asked what I was planning to make. I said the next thing was crab apple jelly.’Ooo lovely’ she said, ‘but have you tried crab apple and hawthorn? it’s even better’. Hawthorn grows in practically every hedgerow in England and even the hungriest of birds can’t eat it all, and I do love a forage.
Being so tiny they take forever to pick.
There was enough to make a few jars. This is theĀ gunge left behind after straining through a jelly bag.
This is the lovely jewel like juice produced.
Best of all, the Lakeland lady was right, the mix of Crab apple and hawthorn makes a delicious sweet jelly,

jellySee the colour difference, the hawthorn and crab together is at the back. Both are a delicious transition !