Or not so lucid

as the case may be. That remains to be seen.Well, here I am in the mire having submitted the final assignment of an Open University module, A363 Advanced Creative Writing which means that I am half way to my degree and can claim the Diploma in Creative Writing. ‘What next?’ I posted as my Facebook status and a reply came from Rachel that I should keep on writing, join Friday Flash and start a blog. I have fiddled with the idea of a blog before, and lost patience with the process, but the wonderful WordPress.com is very user friendly. So this is my opportunity to write creatively instead of writing box tickingly Is that a word? It is now, I’m writing exactly what I want! And there’s one of the dreaded exclamation marks.

It really is what now for me, I seem to have scrawled three chapters of my first novel but have no idea where I’m going with it.  Of course it’s discipline that I lack, and it’s precisely that I need to improve.