Squirrel Frenzy

This isn’t my usual style but I thought I’d have a go at flash fiction!

She shooed away the squirrels for the hundredth time, picked up the empty peanut bag and settled to watch her birds have their feast. One by one they returned, scrambled up to the bird table and lunged at the new squirrel proof feeder. Each time they failed and squealed irritably while the finches, nuthatches and woodpecker pecked away at the fresh supply.
They got angry. They squealed louder. She clapped loudly as she moved towards the feeder and as she turned back to the bench a large buck ran at her feet and she nearly fell trying to avoid it. It screeched an almost human sound and sat returning her stare. It moved closer and was joined by another two. They moved closer as they were joined by another three. By another five. By another nine. Who scratched their way up her body. Squealing. Nibbling. Gnawing.
She thrashed and screamed. Another dozen. Fifty. Nibbling. Gnawing.
Her veins.