Gifts, Secrets, Heart

Gifts to cherish are the gifts of the heart

beauty, both hidden, and the effervescent,

that blooms then fizzles with time.

Treasure the gift of a child, of knowledge, of a God given talent.

The joy of a souls recognition, the prize of a love shared.

Gifts to cherish are the secrets of the heart, a secret shared to a love.

A story entrusted and kept to self, withheld. A breath and then release.

A secret diary of herstory, held for a generation, now whispered.

Next, shout it loud, a tunnelling to the future, an echo.

Gifts to cherish are the gifts of faith in the love

of a heart eased of pain. No longer bloody blood red,

not shattered, but reshaped by the song of a valentine.

A soul reaches, emerges from the diary of gifts,

for-giveness through towers of forgetfulness.

Gifts to cherish are hearts that hold secrets

deep beneath distant landscape they rest.

Shout loudly, resonate, herstory – history colliding

and healed for eternity, intact.