Buckland’s Newest Old Treasure

One of the reasons I went to Buckland last weekend was this painting. If you live in the UK, you will probably have heard recently that its been discovered that a painting given to the National Trust in 2010, has been investigated by experts and found to be no less than Rembrandt self portrait. It shows the Master, aged 29, in a hat with white feathers, and it is signed and dated 1635.
The National Trust has a collection of some 13,500 paintings but this is the only Rembrandt. It has been valued at around £20m, but can never be sold, it belongs to the nation. There are no plans to move it from Buckland, so if you want to see this valuable find, you’ll just have to visit Devon.

2013 Apr 06_4005

10 thoughts on “Buckland’s Newest Old Treasure

  1. Lovely post hon and it always amazes me how much money artists can make after their deaths. Strange hey? Thanks for sharing. 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Oh WOW! 20 million pounds? My sister would love for one of her paintings to fetch that. 😀 We’re planning a visit to Cornwall in the summer, so might just drop in on Bucklands if it’s not too far off our route.

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