Walsh Glass

A few days ago I was at the Mid Devon Agricultural Show where I met Matthew Walsh who was on the next stand. He makes wonderful studio glass, including these wall plaques connecting together to show the fluid movement of the carp, butterflies or seahorses.

Very elegant vases.

Paperweights glass 8

The sweetest little birds 2013 Jul 27_6391_edited-1


But these perfume bottles were my favourite! glass 6

Matthew was actually my hero for the day, he helped me with his hammer when I was setting up, so here he is! matthew

Matthew says  ‘My aim with all my work is to bring pleasure to all who see it.’ Well he certainly bowled me over, his work is exquisite, click each image for a better view, or have a look at his website.





11 thoughts on “Walsh Glass

  1. Matthew does beautiful work. Thanks for sharing his craft with us. Sometimes it’s hard for me to photograph glass but you did an excellent job.


  2. He does beautiful work! I especially liked the way you photographed the perfume decanters !

  3. i adore glass, love to see those talented people working too, spinning their rods with the hot glass being shaped … this is very fine work, and i am like francine, sometimes find photographing glass tricky, but your results are beautiful gilly … hope you celebrate with a new perfume bottle 😀

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