Just a quickie

To let you know that Bill’s okay! It was pouring with rain yesterday morning when I saw him at the top of my road so I dashed up and we nudged umbrellas.
‘Don’t nag’ he said grinning from ear to ear!
‘You look well dear,’
‘Yes I called the doctor after I saw you last time, managed to get a cancellation. I’ve been on loads of tablets.’
I laughed, ‘So you’re better then? You look good.’
‘I haven’t felt this well for ages but now my (lady)friend has got it.’
‘Has she been to the docs?’
‘No she won’t go.’
‘Not another stubborn one!She’d rather be ill too would she? What do you think doctors are for? Well I’m glad you got some sense in your head at least’ If that sounds harsh it wasn’t, we were bantering and he loves it. We chatted for a few more minutes and then I told him go on home out of the rain and stay out of trouble. Laughing, he pootled off, shouting out ‘You’re looking lovely today.’
‘And it’s nice to see you looking so well, take care’ I said.
Bill looked completely different to when I last saw him all drawn and stooped. His face was plump and the sparkle was back in his eyes, I’m so pleased!