Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand. It all depends on your interpretation doesn’t it? If I go to ‘grand’ places I tend to focus in on the small details rather than the big picture, so maybe that’s why, even with forty thousand photos, I found grand hard to find.

I don’t feel very grand today, but I remember that I felt the Bosphorus was grand. From a boat, this body of water is awe inspiring as are the buildings that line it.

Here is the Ciragan Palace, now a luxurious hotel.

Ciragan Palace

And the Dolmabahce


The wide, blue Bosphorus itself.


My photos look small on my new theme, but if you click on them you can see full size versions!

Can you show us something REALLY grand?

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To Madiba

From small steps in Xhosa land

You made strides around the world

Who could fail to love you

You led so many by the hand

Rolihlahla  without you the world would  be a different place

We are blessed and thankful

For the kind of trouble that you made

Because Great Father, you saved an entire  race.

South Africa, South Africa he still holds you in his arms

His longest walk is over now and he is safe from harm

Mvezo, your greatest son has passed

But his spirit will ever last.

Heaven has called you to freedom

Rest well now Madiba