Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand. It all depends on your interpretation doesn’t it? If I go to ‘grand’ places I tend to focus in on the small details rather than the big picture, so maybe that’s why, even with forty thousand photos, I found grand hard to find.

I don’t feel very grand today, but I remember that I felt the Bosphorus was grand. From a boat, this body of water is awe inspiring as are the buildings that line it.

Here is the Ciragan Palace, now a luxurious hotel.

Ciragan Palace

And the Dolmabahce


The wide, blue Bosphorus itself.


My photos look small on my new theme, but if you click on them you can see full size versions!

Can you show us something REALLY grand?

Join in at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/grand-photo-challenge/



23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

  1. Wow. Forty-thousand + photos? How do you search them for a theme you’re after?
    Magnificent is what I say. 🙂 The photos and buildings. The first one is the best. I love that click for close up and up again.

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