Hey, come on be nice . . .

. . . you stubborn mare 2013 Jun 14_5421_edited-1

this old woman just wants a photo of us

2013 Jun 14_5425_edited-1

I dunno, she gets grumpier every day

2013 Jun 14_5420_edited-1

Sorry, once she digs her hooves in there’s no budging her, anyway how about this for a different perspective?

2013 Jun 14_5417_edited-1

Where you going, I’m here now?

Too late, I’m off to get my oats. Shame, it might have been a good portrait.

With you in it? Who you calling grumpy anyway?

The Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here, http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/photo-challenge-perspective/ and the theme this week is perspective if you’d like to join in.