International Women’s Day, Going to Extremes

She has a £300 head of woven on Russian hair

She has her head shaven in mourning

Her clothes are designer disposed of when the colour is last seasons

Her clothes are shabby raggy charity shop rejects

She steps out in killer heels feet pampered pedicured and painted

She has heels and soles like elephant hide hardened from a shoeless life

Her house has six air conditioned bedrooms one for each child and three spare

Her six children sleep on the grass covered mud floor

She luxuriates in a bath tub fragranced with jasmine

She walks three miles at dawn to carry home cloudy water

Her family lunch at pizza palace leaving the excess food grabbed in greed

Her children wait twelve hours to share the same maize pap as breakfast

She drives to the shops in a gas guzzling monster

The cost of which would build a clinic and school

She labours in scorched fields ravaged by war and rife with danger

For a dollar day if she’s spared

Just a little piece to mark International Women’s Day.