Treasure from Ghana

My sweet bird of Sirigu! If ever you get the chance to visit Ghana, don’t hesitate for a moment.  It really is a wonderful country  with a rich cultural, fascinating history and the friendliest of people.

This is probably my favourite travel buy of all time.

sirigu bird

Complete with broken tail!


16 thoughts on “Treasure from Ghana

  1. What a joyous work of art!
    I worked with a Ghanan gentleman who was the most intelligent person I ever met in my life! He spoke 5 languages (including Japanese and Farsi) and was a former Jesuit who ended up in Massachusetts as a social worker among the local African immigrant groups. Social work pays crap in this country, so he had a second job alongside me at Staples. With his mysterious past, all the languages and his former work in the gold industry there, I always wondered if he might be some kind of covert operative/spy. Adding to that, after I moved away I heard he died, and no one really ever said how! Wierd!
    Anyway, I love your sculpture, and I’d definitely love to see that part of the world!

  2. Oh this brings back some wonderful memories! I’ve lived in Ghana in 2006 for 3 months.. What a beautiful country!! It still has a special place in my heart 🙂 And the fact how warm and hospitable the people are, it’s heart warming.
    Does the bird also have a special meaning? I remember buying some wooden statuettes and they had a special meaning. I bought one which meant “remember your roots, but look forward in life”. Still love the meaning of the wooden statue 🙂
    Ciao, Letizia

    1. Oh lucky you Letizia, that must have been amazing!I don’t think my bird has any particular meaning. Do you have photos of your statuettes, it would be lovely to see them.

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