Oui, c’est moi!

I’m sharing this photo of a sculpture at Broomhill, just because I like it. Why do I like it? She reminds me of me. The curl of her lips, pouting like I did as a child, still do when I’m playing mardy.  Her nose doesn’t have a round upturned blob like mine, she’s far more elegant. It’s more her personality, she looks feisty, stroppy, possibly because she’s just had a fight with her hair. Second thoughts maybe she isn’t stroppy, she could be sorrowful, frightened or in pain. She could have been reprimanded, punished for some real or imagined misdemeanour. So she isn’t me after all.

How strange that I have endowed her with a personality and lots of potential stories. It’s interesting how we each interpret art, perhaps you could tell me what you see? I wonder what the sculptor, from Zimbabwe I believe, was intending to show and if she is based on a real person. I guess I’ll never know. Is there a piece of art that you identify with? Let me know in a comment or with a link?

Oui, c'est moi


23 thoughts on “Oui, c’est moi!

  1. She reminds me of my grand daughter who is not yet 2. She is developing that look!! Where is Broomhill? We need to visit!

    1. It’s just outside Barnstaple -north Devon. Pick a sunny day and go hungry the food is divine. Staying the night is surprisingly inexpensive as well. There is also a gallery inside. I’ve wanted to go for years and not made it, now I’ll go back every year if I can!

  2. Adore that pout Gilly! 🙂 I don’t identify with any one sculpture in particular, but had been meaning to feature the ‘Dancing girl of Mohenjo-daro’. You have just brought it forward.

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