One of Those little dilemmas

This morning as I walked up the road towards work, I noticed a lady ahead of me who I know by sight, as someone who heads the same way each day. She walks slower than I, so I quickly caught up with her. She was wearing a mid calf length, floral summer dress, of rather limp fabric. It had a split up the centre back.

You’ve guessed haven’t you? The split was not the discreet vent to knee that allows for movement. Nope, it was a full on unravelled seam that went right up to her btm. Still behind her I thought quickly, was this how it was meant to be? no way, did she know and if so was she unconcerned, surely not? She is middle aged and how shall I put it? a substantial lady.

What to do, what to do? I’ve never spoken to her before, but if the tables were turned I’d hope someone would point it out to me, there was no-one else around.Β  I reached her side.

‘Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind me saying,Β but I thinkΒ the seam of your dress has come apart at the back.’

‘Oh, how far up? ‘she asked, reaching around to feel for herself.

‘Sorry’, I said ‘If it was me I’d rather know!’

‘Yes, okay uh thanks uh It will just have to do for today’ she replied.

I wanted the pavement to swallow me up. I KNOW she lives somewhere around the corner from me, no more than five minutes walk, but she had no intention of turning back to deal with it. I scurried ahead. Five minutes later I looked back and she was indeed continuing on her way to work, wherever that is.

Now, the dress she was wearing was so flimsy, that the slightest waft of breeze would have lifted it, and there is no way on God’s earth that she could lean her body more than an inch, without showing everyone what she had for breakfast. I’m still cringing twelve hours later and I think I will every time I see her again.

Was I wrong to tell her? surely not, at least it gave her the option of popping back home to sort it. I’m mystified, what do you think, would you have said anything or left her to it?


42 thoughts on “One of Those little dilemmas

  1. Let’s just say….. if it happened to me I’d rather you gave me the chance to go home.

    You did the right thing. No matter how much you cringe now – I’m sure she will cringe 100 times more once she gets home……

  2. I agree with nuvofelt, I’d rather know. You just reminded me of a frequent accident us gals get after visiting the loo.. a tip of the skirt being caught revealing spots unintentionally! [especially back in the 80’s when skirts and dresses were longer] πŸ™‚ Well done, Gilly. No regrets.

  3. I agree with those who are saying you did the right thing.
    Recently, I was at a museum and went up to someone who had a tag sticking to of their blouse and fixed it. She looked at me and – even though I had said the tag was sticking out and I thought I should fix it – she grimaced and kept looking at me oddly the entire time we were in the museum. My hubby reprimanded my choice. I suppose it depends on how sensitive you a re. I’d want o know. Hey … I’m perfectionist. : )

  4. As far as I’m concerned you did the right thing, but in face of her response, could she not have understood the extent of her exposure, Gilly? Should you perhaps have plunged in a little deeper to reveal your concerns for her?

  5. I would DEFINITELY have told her. Until she got to work and took a gander she most likely had no idea how bad it was. How was she the next time you saw her? (Maybe she has a secret M O for her boss )

  6. I’d have mentioned it much to the horror of my husband who thinks I get ‘too involved’! As some have said, it is what I would have hoped folks would to for me.

  7. once I offered a very thick colleague to come into my car, so she could reach the job faster than by using the bus. But in the very moment she sat down her trousers break into two pieces. Fortunately I wasn’t forced to tell her, she should change the dress, it was more than clear, what to do,,,

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