Colour for Free

A trip to a garden centre will always give you a chance to see colourful flowers, and Otter Nurseries quite close to me, is a lovely one to visit. Outside, their displays are full of  planting ideas for all seasons,  with perennials, bulbs, trees and veggie plants on offer. I liked these.

And inside the huge greenhouse, some exotics.

Much more affordable and able to withstand the English climate are these dear little Violas.

If you have loads of money and space,  


You could treat yourself to one of these, o13 But I’ll have to just enjoy looking around! o11 Do you have a favourite plant centre?

10 thoughts on “Colour for Free

  1. This is a gorgeous center and a nice treat as all the colors disappear in our gardens. The leaves are slowly getting ready for autumn but seem hesitant to dress up for that last party before the snow flies.

  2. I totally agree. When she was able to go out I used to take my mother, latterly in her wheelchair. We would talk about the colour – it is so stimulating and there are so many ways to link plants and flowers back to the past. Really miss trips like that. Maybe it won’t be too long before my children have to do that with me………..

  3. Beautiful shots Gilly and such lovely flowers. I don’t go to our nurseries here because I just want to buy everything and get depressed because I can’t. 😆

  4. Going to garden center is my favorite thing to do; especially, when I run out of orchid potting soil. Once there, I meander and look at everything. But, I always come back to the orchid area. I’m hopeless …!!!
    Lovely colors …. 😃

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