Reluctant William

New Years Day at Blackbury Camp and dens need building, according to Louisa anyway.

William thinks otherwise
William thinks otherwise
Can't you see I'm wearing my crocodile gloves and that's far more important!
Can’t you see I’m wearing my crocodile gloves and that’s far more important!
Okay, I'll just bring you  one stick
Okay, I’ll just bring you one stick
No I'm not going to be in your den photo.
No I’m not going to be in your den photo.
Brothers, honestly!
Brothers, honestly!

30 thoughts on “Reluctant William

      1. I’m sorry to say that I’ve thinned out some recently, it was getting silly. There are far to many books i want to read to have time to read any other than my all time top five again!

      2. Yes. I feel a bout of pruning is required but that’s never easy to make decisions about this and that. Still I’ll make a start and see where it leads me…I’ve only just begun to double park recent acquisitions. Hey ho

      1. When we were kids we (5 female siblings) weren’t allowed to get dirty. Too much work washing, starching, ironing, I guess.
        When I daughter came along, the dirtier she came home, the happier it made me. Rips and tears didn’t both me either.
        😀 😀 😀

    1. They both love being outdoors like their Mma, especially Louisa who loves scrabbling around on the woods or on the beach. She told her dad that ‘Mma said I should follow my dreams’, if I do nothing more as her Mma then I’m quite pleased with myself 🙂

  1. What a fun post Gilly and I loved the photos! They are truly adorable and William is such a cutie! I do side with him though. You would not get me to take off my crocodile gloves! 😆 Great shots of such fun times. The last photo is breathtaking. She looks like a little fairy. 😀 ♥

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