Hive Beach Stroll

Friday was the most perfect winter day here and I had an extra day off, so it couldn’t be wasted! My friend and I set off heading east with a vague idea of perhaps Lyme Regis or Charmouth. Leaving the A30 at Honiton and taking the A35, a winding, up hill and down dale road passing through little villages, Wilmington, Kilmington and Raymonds Hill. Enjoying the view, high and wide, of east Devon and west Dorset, Golden Cap, a hill and cliff which is the highest on the south coast of England, waiting for me to climb one day.

Something took on us past the Charmouth and Lyme turning, towards Burton Bradstock, ten miles further and passing through we stopped instead at Hive beach which has a National Trust car park and access to the South West Coast Path. Hive is a noisy beach, not human noise but nature’s noise, as the waves crash onto the shore and then rush back down the steeply shelved shingle.

Shingle beach
Shingle beach

There were quote a few people walking off the seasons excesses on the beach so we thought we would check out the view from the cliff path.

Looking back onto Hive beach
Looking back onto Hive beach

We climbed quite high and Lyme Bay opened up.
Lyme Bay

A gap along the path
A gap along the path

At the highest point we looked north towards Bridport.

Countryside around Bridport
Countryside around Bridport

In the distance stands Colmer Hill, somewhere else I’d like to visit.

Colmer Hill
Colmer Hill

Then we circled around common land on the side of the hill.

The flat top hill is Golden Cap
The flat top hill is Golden Cap

And retraced our steps.

Lyme bay view
Lyme bay view

We had already sampled the Hive Beach Café’s coffee, so we set off to find tea and cake, tomorrow I’ll show you where!

We only had time for a short walk because the daylight was fading fast, but the area deserves some serious hiking, there is so much to see in West Dorset.


21 thoughts on “Hive Beach Stroll

  1. I love the light on these bright cold days, even when my fingers are freezing inside my gloves. A good café is just the right place to defrost and recharge ready to head out again.

  2. As you said Gilly, a perfect winters day for those fabulous photos! Will investigate more closely next time we are down that way!

  3. Oh Gilly, this is a beautiful walk, and the light is totally unexpected for an English January – at least what I’ve always imagined to be an English January. And the names resonate, especially Lyme Regis. I enjoyed your description of the “noisy beach” and I can understand why Colmer Hill is an aesthetic Mecca. I love the headland across the shingles and the field patterns around the Hill. Thank you for giving me ocean-and-landscapes on a busy Tuesday morning.

  4. It is a beautiful spot, the weather looks like it did on my October visit when I took the same walk along the cliffs! So where exactly do you live Gilly? Near Exeter?

      1. Is Exeter a nice city? I don’t think I have ever been there except through on the train. I used to live in Surrey, but moved to support the MiL so now in Shropshire which is lovely but so far from the coast.

      2. Oh yes you are a long way fro the sea, is north or south Wales coast closest? Exeter is beautiful, 2000 years old and we can get to the sea in 25 minutes, Dartmoor in 45 and the countryside around is gorgeous. The city has all the usual chain shops of course but some independents too. Apparently we are right up there in the ranks of highest quality of life. And yet wages are low and house prices high. If ever you plan to visit, do it in summer and give me enough warning to be able to book a days leave from work, I’d love to meet you!

  5. A gorgeous part of the world .. you’ve reminded me I should be making a trip down that way sooner rather than later ! Those cliffs are quite something .

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