Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself


I’ve always considered myself a creative person and can turn my hand to many things, but I’m a Gilly of all trades mistress of none. I can take pleasing photos, but even though I know how to use my camera on manual settings, I most often use it on auto settings. I can knit and sew but I don’t finish things off neatly. I can cook but I don’t follow recipes, I can write but I’m a bit lazy about punctuation etc.

I’ve always wished I could draw, play an instrument and sing but I can’t do any of that!

Here are some of my creations, I try to express my creativity with a mix of photo editing and haiku that I’ve photographed and edited.



My haiku
My haiku

How do you express yourself? Can you express yourself in a WordPress post? This is for the Weekly Photo Challenge and you can join in here, https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/express-yourself/

45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

  1. I really like this !!! Especially the haiku, did you write it? Thanks for including the http for the challenge I just turned my alerts back on and I can never find it afterwards. Got to think on this one.

      1. I realized that you did too late. I am so
        Impressed by those that can ! Wonderful words! 🌷

      1. I don’t know, its because I never seem to really achieve anything much, and haiku is easy (I don’t know what the fuss is about!) but thank you for your very kind words. Oh and I’ve just changed my ‘Who is Lucid Gypsy’ 🙂

      2. Oh, I just read your “Who Is Lucid Gipsy,” and I got a kick out of that. And I’ll bet there are many more people who agree with me about it too. God bless you.

  2. Another lovely insight into you, Gilly. I’m really draw in by Striving – the movement and the colours, and the talent that saw this and made this. (How?) The leaves become jewel-like, and then the haiku, especially ‘Wounded in her youth …’. Wonderful self-expression.

    1. Dear Meg thank you! Striving was just a photo that I edited on my tablet using pixlr express I think. The same goes for the leaves, except that it was one oak leaf that I found, stitched around with gold thread under some voile stuff and then photographed. Then its a collage using four different colours of the same image. I’m very happy that you like ‘wounded’ and confess its my favourite of the haiku I’ve written ❤

  3. i love the leaves – they put andy warhol in the shade, because with your images it comes through that you enjoy what it is that you are capturing, and then sharing. you have been expressing yourself beautifully with every blog post, long before this challenge was ever given. thanks for sharing.
    by the way, my creative expression post is scheduled for the 26th, for a very special purrpose. will include the link now, but it won’t open until then 🙂

    1. Oh you’re so kind, if my blog makes people happy then I’m happy too! I must say I feel the same about yours, there’s always a treat to be found there. Now I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the next one ❤

  4. Striving is amazing, Gilly! I have absolutely no idea how you could have done that 🙂 I think you express yourself perfectly. Your feelings always come over quite clearly to me 🙂

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