When Damien Hirst decided to loan an artwork he created, to his home town of llfracombe in north Devon, he provoked a huge reaction.  Verity, as she is named has been standing on the harbour there for nearly three years, all 66 feet of her. She is made from stainless steel and bronze and the plinth she stands on is a pile of law books. In one hand she holds the scales of justice and the other, raised to the sky, holds a sword. Here she stands facing the sea.


Her belly swollen with child, she is described by Hirst as ‘an allegory for truth and justice’.

One side of her body is peeled away revealing not just her unborn baby, as many people focus on, but also the muscle and sinew of her own body

I was shooting into full sun and as Verity was unable to turn from the light, I couldn’t photograph in all directions. I’ve edited this photo to try to show a little more.

Her shoulders are those of a powerful woman, a force to be reckoned with.

Here she holds the scales behind her back.

I’m rather fond of Verity, I find her thought provoking.

I’d really know what you think of her?

24 thoughts on “Verity

  1. I love the last shot into the sun, but I’m not sure about the entire sculpture. I think I need to be there, though you do an excellent job of photographing the parts – I like the shoulder muscles very much. I’m not surprised that it is controversial though.

    1. She isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it must have seemed a very strange choice when she arrived but I expect the locals have got used to her now. I think she’s wonderful.

    1. Ahh I’m so glad you like it, I know it’s as much hated as loved. Have you heard of Damien Hirst? He’s very controversial over her but I don’t know if his fame reaches the US. Thank you for re-blogging ❤

      1. I haven’t but this inspired me to check him out. I’m such a big fan of public art. Showing the cut out on the other side is makes it even more interesting.

  2. I love these photos Gilly! I do like this solid analogy of Verity (Truth) being strong, powerful and ferocious, whilst at the same time creating, nurturing and protecting fragile life. It eloquently portrays the complexity of Justice! 🙂

  3. Amazing work of art,. I guess it does represent Truth and Justice with the sword pointing towards heaven and the scale stands for justice….

  4. We saw some of Hirst’s work like this is the Crucible exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral a few years ago. Quite unsettling but I think that is the point!

  5. Verity is new to me. Thank you for the introduction. I like her shoulders as well but am not sure about the rest of her. Most likely the best way to judge might be to see her in person. However, still stunning photos, Gilly. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Oh my word! That is magnificent, Gilly. The female symbol of fertility in all her glory. Forget about truth and justice. 🙂 This is something else that I’m lacking the words to describe. 🙂

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