Mundane Monday

Jithin at Photrablogger has a weekly challenge, Mundane Monday, but the photos are anything but mundane. It’s about seeing beauty in the everyday. Everyone is welcome to join in and this is my first time.

mundane monday

Any guesses or is it obvious?


46 thoughts on “Mundane Monday

  1. it looks like the glass panel we used to have in the lower section of floor to ceiling windows in Family Room…circa 1975!
    BTW I DO LIKE “Morsels and scraps” comment.

    1. Not too close I’m afraid, although I’d like to see a photo of that room. It’s actually a jiffy bag!
      Haven’t you ‘met’ Meg? She’s another lovely Australian 🙂

  2. I think it’s a great idea to look for beauty in mundane items, most things have some sort of beauty to them if you look hard enough! 🙂
    As to your mundane item Gilly, like everyone else, I haven’t a clue what it is – it reminds me of a metal ramp for wheelchairs/wire protector, but it’s far too shiny for that!

      1. Oh, of course! I had to go to my online dictionary and look up “jiffy bag” but as soon as I read the definition, I immediately recognized it. Thank you for solving that mystery–I was really baffled!. Now I shall be able to sleep tonight! Best wishes, n

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