A City Stroll at Christmas

Exeter has gone to town on the Christmas lights, they look really pretty, so as two of the G-babies are staying we popped down to see them late yesterday afternoon.

We started near Bedford Square.


I knew there was a surprise for the children,

city3polar bears

The polar bears even let you share their space for a photo.


I had to make a quick stop at Carlucchio’s, just along here,


then we walked up the path beside the Roman wall , where every year local charities put up Christmas trees, stretching for about a hundred metres.


Around the corner at the top finds us at the end of the shopping centre, I love the lights projected on the wall.

I walked you down the mall a couple of weeks ago. So this time we went towards High Street past St Stephens.

And a last view of Waterbeer Street before we took the tired girls home!

I haven’t caught up with Jo since she returned form the sun, so I’m not sure if she’s walking this week.

19 thoughts on “A City Stroll at Christmas

  1. She is, darlin’ 🙂 I’d just sat down to write this week’s walk, which couldn’t be more different than yours if it tried, when your post popped up. I’ve never been to Exeter and didn’t even know it had those walls so I’m very grateful. Nice to be able to picture you strolling with the G-babies 🙂

  2. What beautiful lights Exeter has! The polar bears are adorable – we have a couple of big reindeer (big = I can walk underneath them) which are lovely, but not as cute as that.

  3. Fabulous! I know Christmas lights cost the council but with a bit of money from the stores it shouldn’t be too bad and makes such a difference. I’m sure I spend more around lights!

  4. Now this is one part of Christmas that I do like – looking at the lights, but you really only appreciate them in a big city. I suppose I ought to go to Brum… maybe not 🙂

  5. It looks so festive and so beautiful Gilly! Love the polar bears. They are adorable and it looks like you had lots of fun. The polar bear frame shot is just stunning and what a beautiful family! I am sure the girls enjoyed this just as much as you did. Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥

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