Riverside Millstone Benches

I think that Jude is doing one last bench series post, a swansong before she begins her garden photography challenge for 2016. December’s theme is ‘anything you like’, so I’m posting these photos from July that didn’t quite fit before.

quay bench1quay bench2

The area around Trews weir on the Exe has a rich industrial history, with cotton, wool and paper mills back in the sixteenth century. I haven’t been able to find out if these millstones are actually original or reproductions but they are perfectly positioned where a mill once operated.


17 thoughts on “Riverside Millstone Benches

  1. Lovely photos as ever, Gily..I especially like the backlit one, though I may have been inclined to cheat a bit and make the middle one wet in order to make all three of them shiny! (if I happened to have a bucket with me!)

    I can’t remember whether I told you, but at the moment I’m training to become an Exeter Red Coat Guide…training continues until the end of March, and if I’m successful, I start my tours in April/May. I’ve got to do a 20-minute presentation as part of the course, and the topic I’ve chosen is Exeter’s statues. Obviously I’ll be concentrating largely on those in the city centre, but it would be good if there were some less well known ones which I could include…and you seem the obvious person to ask!

    Any ideas? Especially if they’re a bit quirky? My favourite by a country mile, by the way, is the Exeter war memorial in Northernhay Gardens. The bronzes on that are so beautifully done…

    I hope you’ve had a great Christmas…must meet up some time for a coffee and a chat!

    Rob xx


    1. Hi Rob, Happy New Year!
      If you log in to WordPress before you comment you’ll be commenting as a blogger instead of as you! I’ve been wondering why you haven’t turned up in my reader, busy I guess? i hope you’re not giving up after such a wonderful beginning. If you’re still struggling, the Daily Post are running a blogging 101 again, everything would make sense if you tried it.
      Yes I think being a Red Coat is a brilliant idea, we tried to tie a catch up in with your Exeter days I think. If you’re ever around town at 4.30 send me a text a few days before? It’s quite tricky with work everyday but I’d love to catch up. I don’t imagine you’re in town at weekends?
      Statues eh? that’s an interesting topic that got me thinking. We have very few, and statues tend to get mixed up with sculpture don’t they? My all time favourite statue is the Blue Boy, I remember it from when I was a very little girl and think it’s one of those things that’s become part of the Exonian psyche almost. I think I’ve even blogged about it. The obvious ones are the Buller, John Hooker and yes, the Northernhay memorial. I like St Sidwella but she isn’t a statue, more like a 3d mural I suppose. I think you might struggle to find enough to present on. I looked at Exeter Memory’s website, but most of them no longer exist!

  2. How delightful Gilly, glad you found time to share them, and I particularly like the second photo. Lovely light and composition and they look like original millstones.

  3. I like circular benches. You can take in the 360 degree view without craning your neck. These ones are particularly interesting because of their connection with the town’s history. My favourite is the moody shadowy third one.

  4. Love the sparkly water and back lighting and what great idea for benches. Lovely composition. Thanks for the link to Judes new challenge I must go check it out. I am a bit behind with blogs at the moment but next week I will be back home and have time to catch up. Happy new Year Gilly I look forward to chatting with you in 2016

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