Flora Monochromis

Jude’s having a garden photography challenge this year, did you know?
So for February the theme is black and white and we are free to interpret it any way we like.ย I like other peoples monochrome photos but rarely try it myself, so this month I may have a couple of tries, starting with this fritillary.


I took this photo in April last year, at the Challice Well garden in Glastonbury, I’ll try to be more seasonal with my next entry!

11 thoughts on “Flora Monochromis

  1. I used to disregard B&W photos but have learned they have a lot to offer. With color photos I find I don’t look at small details as with B&W.
    Love this, Gilly. Are they asleep or just tired? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You are ahead of me Gilly, but that’s OK. I tend to steer away from converting flowers to B&W but this works very well. The shape and texture of the flowers reminds me of silk tassles and the light is excellent. Now I am going to have to work hard!

      1. Converting to monochrome only works for certain flowers I think, but you can use other garden objects for this, not just plants. Or pick something that is only in one colour or shades of one colour. I agree it can be a challenge!

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