A Million Daffodils

When the former pilot Keith Owen died, he left his fortune to the seaside town of Sidmouth, to brighten up the place he loved and visited many times. Since then more than 300 people have helped to realise his dream, planting bulbs around the town, making Sidmouth an even lovelier place than before. One of his ideas was to ‘plant a million daffodils’, this has been fulfilled, and the town and areas around it is now a sea of golden yellow and will be every spring.

Late on Sunday afternoon, after my walk at the Byes, where many carpets of daffs are blooming, I climbed a little way up Peak Hill where I knew the sight would be wonderful. Puffing my way past the flowers I sat here and enjoyed the view.

daff1Once I’d got my breathe back, I tried to get some good shots, but the blue sky from earlier was misty.


I walked a little way back down, and the glow as I shot into the sun was dazzling.

What a generous soul Mr Owen must have been, and what a lasting legacy he has left!


40 thoughts on “A Million Daffodils

  1. There is nothing like a host of golden daffodils to brighten one’s heart. And your photos are lovely, even in the mist, or maybe even because of the mist 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this story of ” A Million Daffodils,” no ordinary movement to witness each spring. The daffodils represents rebirth and new beginnings.


  3. oh wow, that is a million dollar view – especially that second click. looks like your daffodils are out and about well ahead of the start of spring, too. thanks for sharing these ‘breathtaking’ views. appreciate your jaunt! 🙂
    we’ve had an incredibly mild winter, and all the spring blossoms are popping here, too, well before normal.

  4. Such a fabulous sight and what a great legacy. Yellow is a really cheerful colour, and I’m sure Keith Owen’s generosity has caused many a smile to break out on the faces of the residents of Sidmouth. 🙂

  5. Hi Gilly, I notice you follow many of the same blogs as I do so I thought I should pop over and have a peek at your place. Love the daffodils!

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