Beschorneria, doing what it’s supposed to do

When it’s supposed to do it!

On the last day of January I posted a photo of a plant in bud, way ahead of its time. Well, Jude wanted to know what it would look like, so here it is again.

Interesting rather than pretty isn’t it Jude?


14 thoughts on “Beschorneria, doing what it’s supposed to do

  1. Trying to remember what my father used to say – something like ‘interest ing rather than beautiful’ but that’s not quite the expression….oh, it might have been ‘curious rather than beautiful’!

  2. I had to look this up. Looks like an aloe flower and I see that it is a type of succulent. I like architectural plants like these and thank you for introducing it to me. Is this growing in the ground or in a pot? I quite fancy one.

    1. It’s certainly architectural, growing in a brick corner bed on the edge of the path, it’s outgrown its space but it’s in denial about that. It’s taller than me and there’s an even bigger one down the road. No a pot wouldn’t work, it needs a lot of space. It’s bit of a beast and ideally it would be in a corner at the back of a bed, then its stems would grow out above the rather dull leaves, which aren’t succulent, but strap like. πŸ™‚

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