Cute Colourful Creations

I don’t think I’ve ever had a mention in a poem before, but here’s my friend Margi doing just that! Margi is a new blogger, a writer and poet and she’d love a visit if you have time. I see that when you reblog, the entire post is visible on the site that does the reblog, previously only the first few lines were there, so you had to go visit the original post. I wonder why they changed that, it was far better for the blog of origin before.

Margi's blog: writer and walker


Day two

of wanderings round Amsterdam

Spotted a book market

Language strange

Yet – Classics, Art, History

Message the same

Colourful hand crafted


Gilly nowhere in sight

Yet here, in the centre of this city

Her creations

Or seemed to be

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13 thoughts on “Cute Colourful Creations

  1. What a lovely post. A delightful poem and a link to you all rolled into one. I love it.
    And I agree that the change to showing a full post on a relogging site is not the right thing to do. But, as most of us know who have been here a while, WP does have a knack for making changes that cause us problems. It’s rather like a relative who is a trouble-maker, and you sort of cringe when you know he’s coming, but you love him just the same and put up with him.
    I like the new look on your site with the background change.
    I hop over and check out your new friend’s site.

  2. I’m afraid I just buy the cheapo notebooks from the supermarket, but I can see the appeal in a leather bound one – I bought OH some lovely notebooks for birthday/Christmas gifts in the past but I don’t think he has ever written in one!

    Is the fact that the whole post shows in a reblog due to the shortness of the post? Maybe a longer one only shows a portion? You’d have to experiment with that idea! And although I like your black background I’m afraid the white writing can be a problem. One of the no nos in web design. I’m OK with it during the day but at night the white is more difficult to read. Sorry to be a pain.

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