Lazy Poet’s Small Thursday Poem

Who has lost this small pure heart? asks Tish. She has offered up this image for anyone who is inspired by it, to write whatever springs to mind.

Tish Farrel's Eglantine

Dog Rose

Twisting, tumbling from a dense hedge

 with a brief moment of gratitude for space.

It fell, it turned, raised a shocked face,

damp with the tears of morning mist,

 when a thousand more dropped en masse,

 to perish, impaled on blackthorn’s blades.

This Eglantine heart in gentlest Tyrian hue

will bear no royal crown, but a floral wreath

of Earth Chestnut will encircle its place of rest

and join with the detritus of seasons before.

This heart unbroken will nourish any tiny seed

and root that finds itself climbing skywards.


Thank you Tish.

All rights to this photo belong to Tish Farrell, Writer on the Edge.


26 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Small Thursday Poem

  1. What a beautiful poem to accompany the beautiful photo. Tish will be proud of you. You have such a way with words Gilly, no wonder you are mistress of the Haiku

    to perish, impaled on blackthorn’s blades.

  2. You’ll have to stop being such a good poet. It takes me ages to comment, because I can’t just rattle off something routine. Your imagination inhabits that flower and moves far beyond description, beautifully into the cycle of nature. I hear the voice of a great nature and philosophical poet. More please. It was a lovely pairing with Tish’s equally stunning photo.

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