Curves inside and out

Cheri at the Daily Post has chosen the theme of curves for this weeks photo challenge. I have a friend who likes straight lines in imagery, but I’ll always choose the curves and swirls we find in nature, in any design or art.

I took this first photo a few weeks ago at Coldharbour Mill, in east Devon. It was leaning against a wall at the back of a courtyard and I had to capture it.

curvesa1Next, there’s a humpy hedge behind these curvy evergreens. Apparently when it was a baby hedge, there was a very harsh winter and it was weighed down by snow. The gardeners tried to repair it, but failed and knowing they’d lost the battle, they decided to allow it to grow it’s own curvy way.


A few weeks ago I posted a black and white version of some William Morris wallpaper,


There were several comments about the original colours, so here it is, colours, curves and even a well placed ceramic plate.


19 thoughts on “Curves inside and out

  1. I like a humpy hedge 🙂 And the Morris paper is gorgeous, but those curvy whatchamacallits are so worthy of a Wordless Wed. Just caught you before I check out of the Reader. Woo-hoo! It’s the weekend! Heaves sigh 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Hi Gilly,
    I really enjoyed your selection of photos for this challenge. They’re all so different, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I am fascinated at the way the plate blends in with the wallpaper.

  3. Great selection of diverse curves, Gilly! That dear old humpy hedge! William Morris designs can always be relied upon for their sinuous lines, and as for the whatchamacallits…they have a second thing going for them….rust

  4. I remember the wallpaper. It looked so different seeing it now as a whole. Crazy how we adjust the view from our different perspective, or liking. 😉 Love the curvy hedges. .

  5. The bends in the metal are unexpected and flowing; I love the bumpy hedge (in fact I tried to grow one but one year heavy snow brought it down completely, so now we have a straight fence!) and the William Morris print reminds me of a dress I had during the ’60’s. Loving your curves, Gilly! 🙂

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