The Edible Garden

Jude’s chosen the edible garden for her challenge this month. She says we can post a photo of a single tomato plant or a whole rice terrace. There’s nothing quite like digging or picking fruit or veg that you’ve grown yourself, but not everyone has that option.

I’ve long admired the vegetable garden at RHS Rosemoor, here in Devon, and have photographed it in all seasons. Here are some of the munchies I’ve seen there.

Any guesses which one I’d never eat?



14 thoughts on “The Edible Garden

  1. I love the colourful gallery you have created – purples and reds and greens! I’m guessing that you don’t eat the purple sprouting broccoli? I suspect you love chillies and peppers – I’m trying to grow chillies and might have a go at peppers next year if I am successful.

  2. I’m munching on the great British strawberry right now, Gilly, with a big dollop of icecream. It’s been a busy day and I’ve earned them. 🙂 I’m guessing lemons…

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