A Hoya for Tuesday

Jude, the Macro Queen, quite approved of my house leek photos on Sunday and said that I should take macro shots more often. I used to try occasionally, but get irritated by the persistent Devon breeze and getting the right light. This evening I had a try in the garden, but failed and then I remembered the wax flower is blooming. Well it has one little bouquet of very tiny flowerlets.

hoya 1

It’s really interesting to see them close up, they look like fur fabric, who knew?


18 thoughts on “A Hoya for Tuesday

  1. “Who knew?” Is always a question I ask when I get a good clear closeup or look at something through a magnifying glass. You have such a way with words too – “fur fabric” is exactly right. A lovely photo – and Jude is right. As always!

  2. Wow – they are so cool close up like this – and how fun that you are getting better and better (awesome I’d say) – πŸ˜‰

  3. I never thought of Hoya growing in the UK! I have a couple of “towers” growing on my side patio, but at the moment there’s nary a blossom in sight………..and mine are a pale pink, whereas yours seem to be white/ivory?

  4. I see a macro series in your immediate future! Very nice. Goes well with the week’s “details” (WPC). Always good to be steered in a different direction.

  5. I thought they were something that had been crafted until I saw the photo larger! I always love close ups of flowers/leaves with water droplets.

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