Missing, me?

We don’t always notice someone’s missing until they return do we? Well, I’m back after an unexpected two week hiatus, courtesy of our National Health Service. It was rather strange being an in-patient at the hospital where I work, I stayed close to my ward to avoid being seen, looking so dreadful. Of course that didn’t work and I was spotted several times. The care I received was faultless, I can’t thank the team enough, the Trust really do deserve the good Care Quality Commission reports it’s received.

I’ve been going a little stir crazy, with little energy to go out, and lacking concentration to read, never mind blogging. I’ve watched a little bit of TV and had lots of visitors, including my daughter and granddaughters to stay, the cutest distractions, so I’m in good spirits, even if I’m far from 100% yet.

Here’s a little glimpse of my recent world.




I’m going to start visiting you and catching up on what you’ve been up to in my absence soon, i feel I’ve missed so much!





35 thoughts on “Missing, me?

  1. I knew I hadn’t see anything from you for a few days, but I’ve been sort of “on in a hurry/off in a hurry” the past couple weeks, so I thought I’d just missed your posts. I kept thinking I’d eventually catch up with you and others that I’ve neglected. Now, I feel bad that I didn’t ask about the reason I hadn’t seen posts from you. I’m so sorry you’ve been down enough to need a hospital, but I do hope you’re mending quickly and will be back to normal very soon. Having your daughter and granddaughters around will add to your rapid recovery I’m sure because a cheerful heart really is good medicine.

  2. oh Gilly, am sorry to hear you’ve not been well. i was rather hoping you had been travelling… am glad you received such good care, and may you recover and gain strength quickly. sending you lots of love, and hugs and blessings.

    and Timmy, of course, sends lots and lots of purrs.

    1. and also meant to add – beautiful autumn images. sunshine does something for those autumn colours, doesn’t it? in October there were 28 days of rain in my corner of the planet this year, but i managed to pursue some autumn during some of the sunny moments. so lovely.
      thanks for sharing these ones.

  3. Poor Gilly! I didn’t realize you were ill – I assumed you were busy or traveling. I hope you’ll soon be back to your usual self!

    Meanwhile, even when you’re not well your photos are wonderful.

  4. SO happy to find this, Gilly! It was a burst of inspiration this morning because I really didn’t want to plague you with more texts. Thought I’d just look here, in case 🙂 🙂 Love you, honeybun! Hope the tests come good for you and you’re up and walking with me again soon.

  5. So pleased your stay was a positive one and the care excellent. I know what it is like to be in where you work, happened to me a few years ago and most odd experience especially when an on-call consultant was called out to see me and did a double-take as we last saw each other at a meeting!!
    Hope the recovery goes well and that you are able to enjoy the Autumn colours.

    1. Thanks Becky, it really was odd, at one point I debated asking if I could use one of the wards computers to log on and change my out of office dates! I’m doing okay and going out a little each day 🙂

  6. What lovely photos of your world today. So glad to “see you” on the blog. I did miss your posts and your insightful, creative comments you’d leave for me.
    I did wonder at first- was it something I said or didn’t say- making it about me and my intermittent blog visiting. Then I wrote a script in my head how you must be in Spain.
    I hope you feel better each day, Gilly. Glad to have you back. Your visitors sound like the best remedy. How wonderful they could be with you.

    1. Dear Ruth, thank you! You couldn’t possibly say anything wrong, I like that you thought I might be in Spain though, in my dreams. I had a really lovely long weekend with my girls staying x 🙂 x

  7. Thank Goodness you are back, Gilly! I worried a week ago and got really worried this week, was about to ask your blog friends to see if they have heard from you. Glad to know you are feeling better and having good spirit, hope you continue to recover. Take easy and take care. (((HUGS))) ❤
    Love these photos! 🙂

  8. Oh, gosh Gilly – I’ve been away 24 hrs, seen your recent comments on my blog, and now I discover you have been unwell….. Sending lots of hugs to wish you well xx

      1. It’s been an up hill crawl in our household; I’m just getting back on my feet from a revision of my lumbar spine; my husband just had a total knee replacement (not doing great) and my dog has a spinal injury which has weakened her back legs so she must be carried up and down steps. Soon though, I’ll be back posting.

        😂Not totally stressed-out yet


  9. SUPER HUGS and GET WELL WISHES, Gilly …. 😍
    I was thinking about you yesterday – Tuesday – because I was wondering if
    you were still on the big blog world. Then, I thought you might be on another
    traveling adventure. The, I thought – I hope she’s not sick.
    YIKES …. and then, I see this post today – Wednesday.
    Gosh … I hope you feel well real soon. I have missed seeing you.
    At times, I think that people just need a break. But, in this case, I was wrong.
    Issy 😎

  10. I have missed you but was thinking you were on a fun break… I hope you are back to 100% healthy Gilly very very soon [if not already!]. Sending hugs and love your way! 🙂 🤗😍😘

  11. I do hope you are feeling better and that it is nothing too serious. After spending so much time as an inpatient last year (unexpectedly) it can put you in a bit of a quandary. I am sure not too much was thought of it if you were seen as people most likely are concerned. Be well. Hope to see you posting again soon with more photos. 🙂

  12. I absolutely knew you were missing. You’re an almost daily presence in my life, one way and another. I hate the thought of you so wiped out you had energy for nothing much. I hope the energy is returning. And these are three lovely images to mark your return, especially the kidlets.

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