Black and White Sunday

Paula’s Black and White Sunday theme is macro this week. My photo isn’t really macro, just close up and I’m never too sure about flowers in black and white, are you? Still it is in decay so perhaps that helps/.

Join Paula at Lost in Translation, you’ll get a very warm welcome.


20 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday

  1. I was reluctant about monochrome flowers at first, but it can work out very nicely like in this case. Decaying ones especially lend themselves nicely to such edit. Thank you, Gilly. It looks familiar, but I still don’t recognise the flower.

  2. I am totally with you regarding flowers and black and white – after all the beauty of a flower is often in its colour. However, when it comes to seed-heads and decaying flowers the monochromatic look works well as it defines the structure. This one is lovely as you have captured the light and also have a soft focus in the background.

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