27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What forest brightness! And I ask Jo’s question too. I always hope for a hint in the tags, but there is none today. Are you back at work full-time yet? I hope you have all your bounce back – and opportunities to wear he hat.

    1. See my answer to Jude! This is the last week of my phased return, full time next week eeek! I’ve worn my hat walking the dogs to cover a multitude of bad hair sins 🙂 🙂 🙂 and yes I’m very bouncy xx

  2. Come on Gilly! We all want to know more – these wordless Wednesdays are great for a quick photo post, but this requires some words, it is intriguing. A beautiful image which would have fitted perfectly in my woodland theme last month!

    1. It was a so called sculpture exhibition. I had my new boots on and got stogged in the mud walking through the woods to see it at Stourhead. It was using recycled materials and was very disappointing (I’m being very, very polite).

      1. I see 😀 I’m kinda seeing you gnashing your teeth… as you cleaned the mud off your new boots.
        Now, stogged, is that a Devon word then?

  3. Well now that I read the comment to Jude – I can see why as a sculpture exhibit this was lackluster – but it did make for a nice photo – esp with those trees 😉

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