Not so lazy Thursday poem

I’m tired tonight, too tired to even write a five minute haiku. So, I decided to look back at things I’ve posted before and choose a poem for this week.

I’ve spent ages looking and there’s still more. I’m totally amazed at how much poetry I’ve written, even if lots of it is of little consequence.

So with apologies in case you remember this from four years ago, and for the lack of image.

Waves of Foam

Foaming ocean laps the Jurassic shore

where molten lava once seared and pitted

into burnished pockets of chalk

that glow pale in the shallows

where volcanic flame no longer scorches

earth but in its place frozen fluid

 turned to stone in the countless millennia

before mankind’s dawn

then lapis and bronze lay down its mineral

to adorn sweet womankind’s questing hands

and feet that step through warm golden sand

above the azure sky reflects light

from the firmament holding the source

of celestial waters in balance

Normal service will be resumed next Thursday with a haiku!


10 thoughts on “Not so lazy Thursday poem

  1. Finding it tiring being back at work, hon? 🙂 This will do very nicely. It is amazing when you look back just how much stuff we’ve posted. Sufficient poetry for a small anthology, no doubt? 🙂 I love rolling back through my photo gallery. Sending hugs till normal service resumes. I’m fine with abnormal service 🙂 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Gilly. And it doesn’t need an image — it IS one.
    I like to go back and re-post some of my old things. I get a fresh look at them and appreciate them anew, and sometimes they prompt new ideas to go forward with. Glad you shared this one again. And, frankly, I didn’t remember it, so it was totally fresh for me. And we’re always getting new followers who almost never go back very far into our sites. So they really do appreciate the older things getting a fresh showing.
    Hope you’re feeling energized again soon.

  3. Well if that is abnormal service then bring it on! Lovely poem. Sorry to hear you are feeling tired. I hope it is temporary. Stay warm Gilly and take as much rest as you need.

  4. I’m glad you have shared it again Gilly, as I haven’t read it. It is a super tiring time of the year for us with jobs stuck in cold climate at least. Take all the rest you can get.

  5. Who needs an image when they can have Gilly-words? I love your poems, always. My favourite images here? “Sweet woman’s questing hands’ and those first descriptive lines. You’ve written time so beautifully.

    I hope the fatigue is a normal response to busy-ness, rather than anything more disturbing, my dear friend.

  6. Lovely one to share again, especially for those of us for whom this is a first timer 🙂

    Do hope you are feeling re-energised by the time you read this, sending lots of positive energetic happy moments x

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