How Dare They!

Lucid Gypsy doesn’t often rant on her blog but this made me see red. I like to take photos and yes sometimes I wish something wasn’t blocking a lovely view, but this is this elderly man’s home for goodness sake.


Click the link to the BBC article!


11 thoughts on “How Dare They!

  1. I’m with you on this – horrified by what happened. This village is not a museum or a photographic backdrop nor is it a filmset. People live here. So what if everyday life gets in the way, that makes it real…….albeit pylons do drive me mad sometimes!!!!!

  2. I like the occasional rant. And I am totally with the gentleman as my former car was a metallic yellow Corsa and I loved her! Not sure why the repairs would be as much as £6,000 though for fixing the paintwork – and surely his insurance will cover most of it? And if he does buy a lime green one then that will probably get attacked too. Tweeting stuff like that most likely draws the idiots. 😦

    Strange that until very recently I had never heard of Bibury being the most photogenic place in the Cotswolds.

  3. Where is the man meant to park his car to keep the “terrorists” happy? I’m totally for him…it’s his home and if the only (car) accommodation is parking bay near his home….. Inconsiderate gits! Grrr

  4. I don’t know why people don’t see this as an opportunity rather than a detriment. Of course capturing the image of the cottages without the car would be wonderful, but sometimes the juxtaposition between historical and modern makes for a great photo. And not recognizing that people live there, and still have to go about their daily lives! I feel so sorry for this man, but love his spunk.

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